Filmmaking And Short Documentary Making

Do you have the interest to shoot a short movie? Now it is very easy to make a short film, for you can buy editing and production tools from retail or online stores. Sure, you can also rent professional cameras to shoot the short film, and there are many rent stores online too. If you have no idea of shooting a short film, you can also find plenty of articles and videos about how to create a short film. Here you can learn ways to shoot a short documentary. You’ll need a digital video camera and audio recorder; moreover, you also need to install video editing software in your computer.

As you are going to shoot a short documentary, you need to choose a topic that can quickly arouse people’s attention and interest. Search for your favored subjects from internet, books, magazines, news papers or people around you. Whether you choose unusual events or ordinary people’s everyday life, you should have to be interested in the subject. If the movie director does not like his movie, the audience will not want to watch the movie either.

After you have decided on a subject, you have to do researches and collect as more materials as possible. For example, if you are going to shoot a documentary about a living person, you can ask for photos and take talks with people around him or her. Make sure that your subject, such as a living person or the family agrees to be a part of your short documentary. Before you are going to interview the subject or other relevant people, you should create comfortable atmosphere to make your subjects comfortable.

Though you can get much footage by interviewing different people, you also need to write a narrative story to tell the audience informative and necessary background information. Ask your actors to read the narration, and you should ask him or her read the material with the tone and pace that fit with the short video. Of course, you can also read the narration by yourself, and that be very interesting to do this work and hear your voice in your video.

Do post-production work to finish the short documentary. You can either edit and assemble all of your footage on your own or hire a professional editor to edit a video as you desire. Actually, you can use the footage to produce different types of video. Try your best to make a short documentary and the audience will see your sincerity from your work.

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